Simon Yates: My Mountain Life Spoken Word

Simon Yates: My Mountain Life

  • Date

    Tuesday 15 March 2016

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    Starts 8pm | Finish 9.50pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    ★£16.50 inc. bf | Concessions

  • genre

    Spoken Word

On a remote mountain in Peru in June 1985 mountaineer Simon Yates found himself in an unenviable position. He was slowly being pulled off the mountain face by his injured partner – Joe Simpson - dangling on the rope far below. His decision to cut the rope saved both their lives in the epic of survival that followed. With the publication of the book ‘Touching the Void’ and later film of the same name both climbers became household names.

It was an experience that would have put many off the sport of mountaineering, but remarkably thirty years later Simon is still at it. Form the Arctic to the Antarctic, Alaska to Central Asia there is hardly a significant range of mountains that he has not visited and what’s more he’s brought back the stories and pictures so you don’t have to!

Come along and witness Simon’s tireless journey from that mountain in Peru to some of the remotest on the planet and share with him the drama, excitement and beauty of modern, lightweight, alpinism. Told with wit, dry humour and lavishly illustrated with images and video collected on his great climbs,Simon both entertains and inspires.

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