Sound Festival: Leafcutter John Music

Sound Festival: Leafcutter John

  • Date

    Saturday 02 November 2013

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    Saturday 2 November 2013, Start 21:30pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

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Lemon Tree Lounge

sound presents

Leafcutter John

Saturday 2 November 2013, Start 21:30pm

Yorkshire come London lad, John Burton has graced the planet with his remarkable contributions to electronic, folk and experimental music since his primary exploring with an old computer he originally bought to write his Art School dissertation in 1998. Since then he's released 5 critically acclaimed albums which combine elements of music-concrete and electro-acoustic music with voice and guitar work more commonly found in folk music.

For the 2013 sound festival he is developing a light controlled electronic music instrument which allows him to combine electronic and acoustic sound sources to create a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound.

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