sound: Graham Hair & Scottish Voices Music

sound: Graham Hair & Scottish Voices

  • Date

    Thursday 24 October 2013

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    Starts 6.30pm

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  • price

    £8 (concessions £6/students & U18s £3)

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sound/University of Aberdeen presents

Graham Hair & Scottish Voices

Part of the Microtonality Weekend

King's College Chapel, University of Aberdeen

Thursday 24 October 2013, Starts 6.30pm

Tickets £8 (concessions £6/students & U18s £3)

Scottish Voices” presents a recital and demo led by director Graham Hair, looking at composition and performance in 19 tone equal temperament* (19-ET). To include a film by Tom Majerski (Manchester School of Art); recent works by trumpeter Steve Altoft; Graham Hair’s “Sacred Songbook” (women’s voices and digital chamber organ) and “Word Made Flesh” (women’s voices and electro-acoustic sound).

*a scale derived by dividing the octave into 19 equal steps

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