soundfestival: Demimondaine Music

soundfestival: Demimondaine

  • Start date

    Friday 28 October 2016

  • End date

    Saturday 29 October 2016

  • venue

    St. Andrew's Cathedral

  • time

    28 October 8.30pm 29 October 2.30pm

  • age

    Not Specified

  • price

    £10, £5 (conc) free for students

  • genre


University of Aberdeen presents

Demimondaine by John Frederick Hudson

St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen

The world première of Demimondaine, by John Frederick Hudson, transports us to Paris during the Belle Époque. Boldini (a painter) persuades Madame De Florian (a courtesan) to sit for a painting. A clever battle of wit begins with Boldini's advances on De Florian for immediate gratification and De Florian's desire for immortality through her portrait. 

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