Spot's Birthday Party

Spot's Birthday Party

It’s Spot’s Birthday, it’s party time – and you’re invited!

It’s the Birthday of everyone’s favourite puppy! All Spot’s friends will be here; Steve the Monkey, Helen the Hippo and Tom the Crocodile plus Spot’s mum and dad, Sally and Sam. Special guest Marco the Rabbit Magician will be there too, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.

Join in the fun – music and songs, games and stories – theatrical magic to capture everyone’s imagination.

With busy visual flourishes and singalongs instigated by the Marco the Rabbit Magician, the party fairly swings along until cake and balloon time.'  - The Stage
‘The fun is very infectious’Richmond and Twickenham Times
‘. . .the educational content of the show is excellent.’Oxford Mail
'. . .the audience are treated as party guests rather than just mere onlookers! . .A big success for us!' -
'. . .there is lots of counting, singing, dancing and shouting, with the children actively encouraged to participate.  All the children there seemed to be having a great time.  My girls were loving it.  Even the youngest, who was the one that I was worried about trying to get her to sit still and watch had an absolute ball.  She clapped, cheered, bounced up and down and when the cast told the children to stand up and dance, she was right there with them all.' -
'As the title suggests, this would be an ideal way to celebrate a child's birthday. Still, if you're not,  this show makes for a lovely day out and a great way to fill the holidays with fun for the kids.' ****
'It’s a phantasmagorical feast that gets their grey cells working, along with their creative and interactive tendencies, and you’ll be talking about it (whether you want to or not) for the rest of the week.' ****
- Sunday Business Post
'The cast were engaging; the story was upbeat; the scenery was bright and simple (just like in the books); and the audience were all swept up in the magic. Perfect!'
'David Wood, a premiere children’s playwright, has taken Eric Hill’s delightful characters and woven them into an enchanting musical show about Spot and his friends that will entertain and educate young children.' -

David Wood, the UK’s premier children’s playwright (The Gingerbread Man, The BFG, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Meg and Mog Show) has taken Eric Hill’s characters and woven them into a bright and colourful , musical entertainment that both educates and entertains. It is the perfect introduction to theatre for young children. This musical play premieres David Wood’s re-working of his original production of Spot’s Birthday Party.
“ David Wood is simply the most popular children’s dramatist there is” – BBC Radio 4

Come dressed for a party and make a birthday card for Spot.

Musical fun for everyone!

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