Strictly Come Dancing - An Evening with the Stars Dance

Strictly Come Dancing - An Evening with the Stars

An Evening with Stars from ‘STRICTLY COME DANCING’ STARRING PASHA KOVALEV & KATYA VIRSHILAS plus their Stunning Dancers

Strictly Come Dancing is quite rightly one of the ‘jewels in the crown’ for the BBC and two of the stars from the show, PASHA KOVALEV & KATYA VIRSHILAS have devised a sensational new ‘live’ show that will tour the UK in the Spring of 2013.

The production will feature them along with their guest dancers, all beautifully costumed, demonstrating a series of stunning dance routines, accompanied by a full audio-visual backdrop, a Q & A section plus an appearance by a local dance school.

All that, plus the chance for the audience to get involved, will result in the presentation being a ‘must see’ for any ‘Strictly’ fan.

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Christine Smith

Tuesday 02 April

I have just seen the Strictly Come Dancing show with Katya and Pasha in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The dancing was brilliant, though I would have liked more dancing and not so much of the compere. The reason I have only given 3 stars was the lights!!We were sitting in the 2nd row of the circle and as soon as the stage lights were turned on and rotating in position they were blinding every time they faced the audience. So much so that you could hear everyone around you saying about the lighting and you had to keep closing your eyes to stop the glare from hurting you. This obviously stopped the full enjoyment of the show because you kept missing the dancing and by the end of the show you had a headache!! Apparently the staging is all down to the production team so please take note as I am sure I am not the only person who would not go again because of this.


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