Student Show 2018: Fittie Fittie Bang Bang Music

Student Show 2018: Fittie Fittie Bang Bang

Following on from the sell-out success of Sister Echt, the Student Show team is back once again with another Doric tale to have you laughing from Cruden Bay to Kincorth.

Aberdeen's old folk are disappearing. Could it be to do with the expansion of Aberdeen's new premier Retirement Village or is it somehting more sinister?

Join our hero as he chases down clues and tries to save his elderly relatives from the clutches of the evil Grunny Catcher.

Will they be safe in their lighthouse in Fittie? Will his inventions make it onto Aberdeen's version of Dragon's Den? Can Student Show really afford a flying car? Probably nae - but still, you should come and see it onywye!

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