Techfest 2014: Basking Sharks Family

Techfest 2014: Basking Sharks

  • Date

    Tuesday 23 September 2014

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    Adults, Teens

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    £5.50 inc. bf | Concession £4 inc. bf

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Techfest 2014

Basking Sharks: the biggest fish in Scotland

Basking Sharks are the second biggest fish in the world, the Western Isles of Scotland could be one of the most important international hotspots for them. In summer they arrive in big numbers, attracted by rich plankton and possibly for mating.

Truly an ocean wanderer, some tagged sharks from the area have travelled as far as the Canary Islands and crossed the Atlantic reaching a depth of over 1200m. Shane Wasik of Basking Shark Scotland will share some of these exciting adventures with the big fish, along with educational information on the sharks and the threat to their population.

Presented by: Shane Wasik, Basking Shark Scotland"

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