Techfest 2014: Health and Fitness Evening Family

Techfest 2014: Health and Fitness Evening

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    Monday 15 September 2014

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    Adults, Teens

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    £5.50 | Concession £4

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Techfest 2014

Health and Fitness Evening

Satrosphere Science Centre

Join us for an evening of talks and presentations from leading researchers in conjunction with complimentary therapy practitioners

Smart textiles are now active, not merely passive where they are capable of interacting with their environment. These technologically enhanced textiles can respond to a range of physical and psychological health barriers, which have the potential to transform lifestyles. They have the ability to manage body temperature, incorporate antimicrobial properties, provide insulation, breathability and much more.  This talk will provide an overview of Smart Textiles and their recent development together with a working demonstration on how they interact within different environments.

Obesity is a major worldwide health problem linked with many diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. It seems obvious that fat tissue must be bad stuff as the more overweight you become the greater the risk of developing ill-health. However, the real picture is not so simple. In fact fat tissue is really important for health (as well as always giving you something comfy to sit on and inspiring great renaissance art.) This talk will discuss what fat tissue does in the body and how we might harness it to improve health in obese individuals. It seems that fat isn’t such a bad guy after all. Definitely more like a cherub.

Come join Satrosphere Science Centre for drop in sessions to explore the science you find in sports kits! See the difference technology has made to sporting equipment, explore how your joints work and why it’s important to warm up and stretch your muscles.  Find out what it takes to be a high performance athlete and if sports drinks are really necessary for your hydration.

Presented by: Josie Steed & Jennifer Cunningham, Gray’s School of Art, Satrosphere Science Centre & Dr Justin Rochford, University of Aberdeen

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