Techfest 2014: Household Recyclable Material Family

Techfest 2014: Household Recyclable Material

  • Date

    Friday 19 September 2014

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    Adults, Teens

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    £5.50 | Concession £4.00

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Techfest 2014

Household Recyclable Material

Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen FN3

Paper, card, cooked waste, kitchen waste, bottles, tins, paper are all commodities to be filed away in the appropriate receptacle for a fortnightly collection. Can we bring back the good old bad old days of non-segregated wastes? Is it all just a wee bit over the top now?

A look at contemporary practice in waste management with a regional if not global perspective and why this has become ingrained in our appropriately sized and coloured bins.

Presented by: David Keith

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