Techfest 2014: No Smoking Allowed! Family

Techfest 2014: No Smoking Allowed!

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    Monday 15 September 2014

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    Adults, Teens

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    £5.50 | Concession £4

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Techfest 2014

No Smoking Allowed!

Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen FN3

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you and that many (actually about 50%) of all habitual smokers die prematurely from diseases directly associated with smoking. Smoking tobacco, therefore, remains one of the most important avoidable causes of serious illness and early death. Most habitual smokers say they want to quit – but most fail. Indeed, tobacco smoking seems to be more addictive than the addictions to most illicit drugs of abuse. Dr David Balfour will focus on the reasons why this is the case.

Do you know that you can’t see or smell about 85% of cigarette smoke and that it lingers in the air for up to 5 hours after you have finished smoking? A University of Aberdeen study discovered this and our scientists can show you how we can detect the invisible stuff, why it is harmful and, most importantly, what you can do about it – take it right outside. Join Dr Heather Morgan and Norul Latif as they discuss second hand smoke and why it isn’t enough to stand at the back door or lean out of a window.

Presented by: Professor David Balfour, University of Dundee & Dr Heather May Morgan, University of Aberdeen

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