Techfest 2014: Stonehaven Lifeboats: On the Up Family

Techfest 2014: Stonehaven Lifeboats: On the Up

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    Friday 19 September 2014

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    £5.50, concession £4.00

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Techfest 2014

Stonehaven Lifeboats: On the Up

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Stonehaven had a private lifeboat station until the beginning of 2013 when damage caused by severe winter storms forced it's closure. RNLI, the charity which provides lifeboat cover for most of the UK initiated the setting up of a trial lifeboat station in the town. From a standing start a team of volunteer lifeboat crew, shore crew and management has been set up. Stonehaven's lifeboat is now ""on station"" - the dedicated team of volunteers saving lives and covering the very busy seas.

The Stonehaven crew will give an account of the trials, tribulations and successes along the start up road.

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