Techfest 2014: Under Pressure Something Different

Techfest 2014: Under Pressure

  • Date

    Thursday 25 September 2014

  • venue


  • time

    6pm & 7.15pm

  • age


  • price

    £3.30 inc bf

  • genre

    Something Different

Techfest 2014

Under Pressure: National Hyperbaric Centre Tour

National Hyperbaric Centre

The National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen is a world-class facility specialised at working in extreme environments. Best known for its pressure chambers and treatment of diver decompression illnesses and carbon monoxide poisoning, the centre has developed over recent years to provide deep-water testing, subsea training and consulting. It is also involved in diving research projects. Join the enthusiastic staff as they guide you round the many facets of this fascinating and versatile facility.

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