TechFest: A is for Arsenic Something Different

TechFest: A is for Arsenic

  • Date

    Monday 05 September 2016

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time


  • age

    Not Specified

  • price

    £5, £4 concession

  • genre

    Something Different

A is for Arsenic   

Dr Katheryn Harkup

The Lemon Tree, 5 West North Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AT  

No one has used more poisons, more often and more accurately than Dame Agatha Christie in her classic crime novels. Her toxic tally totals over 30 different compounds which she used to bump off over 100 characters. The Queen of Crime may have been writitng fiction but it wasn't all made up. Chemist and author Dr Katheryn Harkup will explore the science and history of a few of Christie's killer compounds . Expect country houses, red-herrings, chemical clues and magnificent moustashes.

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