TechFest: CSI: Absafe Something Different

TechFest: CSI: Absafe

  • Date

    Tuesday 13 September 2016

  • venue


  • time


  • age

    Not Specified

  • price

    £4, £3 concession

  • genre

    Something Different

CSI: Absafe


ABSAFE, The Safe, 26 Corunna Rd, Aberdeen, AB23 8UD

You will be first on scene, carrying out a realistic police investigation to find out exactly what happened, who was involved and was anyone at fault. Interview witnesses, examine medical evidence, scrutinise photographic and physical evidence and investigate until your heart’s content.  CSI will test your investigative skills, evidence gathering, forensic analysis, communication and observation.  How good will your team be?  Do you trust your team mates?  Can you beat the competition to the right conclusion or will there be a terrible miscarriage of justice?


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