TechFest: Greenhouse Gases and Bioenergy Something Different

TechFest: Greenhouse Gases and Bioenergy

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    Monday 28 September 2015

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    Full price £5.50 concession £4 inc bf

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    Something Different

Greenhouse Gases and Bioenergy: Theologians and radicals have a laugh whilst Martians eat metals

Professor David Richardson    

Fraser Noble Building

Professor Richardson is Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia and has researched for 30 years on understanding the biochemistry of how bacteria live without oxygen. His lecture will explore bacteria that can be responsible for the production or destruction of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide and how we may be able to manage down its emission by the agricultural sector. He will also describe bacteria that can ‘breathe’ metals instead of oxygen and can potentially be harnessed in the generation of bioelectricity or the ‘electrosynthesis’ of high value commodities.


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