TechFest: Health and Fitness Evening Something Different

TechFest: Health and Fitness Evening

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    Monday 21 September 2015

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    £5.50 inc. bf | Concession £4 inc bf

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    Something Different

TechFest: Health and Fitness Evening
Dr Justin Rochford and Scott Baptie

Join us for an evening of talks about food, fitness and fat!  Talks include:

Mad, bad and dangerous to grow. Are we making our body fat angry? Obesity is a major global health problem linked with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer. So why are our waistlines growing?

s well as discussing some of the causes of obesity and why it is bad for us this talk will discuss what our (expanding) fat tissue actually does. Perhaps surprisingly, fat tissue is really important for health but we need to show it some respect. Indeed, changing how it works might even offer new ways to prevent or treat obesity. Maybe our fat could be our friend. We just need to treat it better.

Nutrition to Improve Health, Physique & Performance: Small Change, Big Impact.
Scott Baptie ( is an Aberdeen-based sports nutritionist and online personal trainer. He helps people move, look, feel and perform better by utilising simple strategies that can improve your health, physique (fat loss) and performance. Learn  about protein, carbs and fat. What do they do and why are they important. How to eat healthily when at work and what to eat before and after exercise.

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