TechFest: How Scotland can achieve Something Different

TechFest: How Scotland can achieve

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    Friday 28 August 2015

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    Full price £5.50 concession £4 inc bf

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    Something Different

How Scotland can achieve an all-renewable electricity supply by 2020     

Keith Barnham    

Fraser Noble Building 

Pressure is increasing on governments to agree significant cuts in carbon emissions at the UN Climate Conference in December 2015. An agreement to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation would be a major step in reducing global warming. Scotland’s aim to achieve an all renewable electricity supply by 2020 sets an important example to other governments. This talk will report the latest evidence of the performance of wind, photovoltaic and biogas power in Germany and the UK and show how the results apply to Scotland. Keith Barnham started his research career in high energy nuclear physics in research laboratories at CERN in Geneva and at the University of California, Berkeley. Mid-career he switched to researching solar power. He is author of The Burning Answer: a User’s Guide to the Solar Revolution.

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