TechFest: Mapping Volcanoes with Drones Something Different

TechFest: Mapping Volcanoes with Drones

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    Wednesday 07 September 2016

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    £4, £3 concession

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    Something Different

Mapping Volcanoes with Drones

John Howel

Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen

Drones seem to be everywhere these days, not least in the Earth Sciences where they are revolutionising data acquisition from difficult and dangerous places. We have recently pioneered new methods of monitoring active volcanos which involves 3D mapping with drones equipped with thermal cameras. This was tested on Stromboli, an active volcanic island off the coast of Southern Italy with impressive results. Closer to home, drone based mapping after the December 2015 floods in the Dee Valley was linked with crowd sourced imagery to build up a unique picture of the flooding around Aboyne. Geology in the 21st Century is airborne.


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