TechFest: Modern 'Cold' Distillation Something Different

TechFest: Modern 'Cold' Distillation

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    Thursday 15 September 2016

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    Something Different

Modern 'Cold' Distillation techniques with Porters Gin

Porters Gin

Orchid Bar, 51 Langstane Place, Aberdeen, AB11 6EN

he distillers from Porter's Gin will be presenting their innovative approach to distillation. There is very little official research into alternative methods of distillation, especially in the gin industry. At the Aberdeen "micro-distillery" and lab inside Orchid bar on Langstane Place Porter's Gin went through 2 years of experimentation using a piece of modern equipment called a "Rotary Evaporator". This allows botanicals to be distilled with alcohol at low temperatures, rather than the standard 78 degrees on a traditional pot still. The distillers will present their fascinating and innovative journey through this process and reveal the secrets behind the flavour profile of Porter's Gin.

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