TechFest: Obesity and Diabetes Something Different

TechFest: Obesity and Diabetes

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    Thursday 08 September 2016

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    Not Specified

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    £4, £3 concession

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    Something Different

Obesity and Diabetes, a confict of organs. Who's to blame and who will save the day?    

Prof Mirela Delibegovic and Dr Justin Rochford, University of Aberdeen    

Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen

Putting on too much weight can cause diabetes and heart disease. So why does this happen? A lot depends on whether our bodies do the right thing with the sugar and fat we eat. This needs different organs to work together. When communication breaks down things can go badly wrong. So which organ is to blame and who can put things right? Your commentators for tonight’s fight are Prof Mirela Delibegovic and Dr Justin Rochford


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