TechFest: The Aroma of Coffee… from 'Bean to Cup Something Different

TechFest: The Aroma of Coffee… from 'Bean to Cup

  • Date

    Tuesday 06 September 2016

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    Not Specified

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    £5, £4 concession

  • genre

    Something Different

The Aroma of Coffee… from 'Bean to Cup

Ian Cukrowski of MacBeans

Parx Café

Not long ago the coffee we drank every day was a generic product with many plantations contributing to the mix, noadays however, we can buy coffee as an individual variety from a single estate. In this fascinating talk on the history of coffee MacBeans owner, Ian Cukrowski talks about his 27 years in the coffee industry and takes us on a journey from coffee plantation to coffee house, explaining all about varietals, production methods, roasting, blending and the differing brewing techniques. Learn how to get the best out of your beans to make the perfect cup of coffee and see if you can taste the difference!

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