Techfest: The Nankai Accreationary Complex Something Different

Techfest: The Nankai Accreationary Complex

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    Monday 10 September 2018

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    Something Different

The Nankai Accreationary Complex; how it formed and what lives there – Expedition IODP 370 


Presented by Dr Stephen Bowden, University of Aberdeen and Dr Satoshi Tonai, Kochi University 


The Nankai Accreationary Complex has been formed by sediment being scraped off the Philippine Sea Plate as it is subducted beneath Japan. At the present day it is known to be the source of many earthquakes. It may also be home to microbial life, living deep beneath the seafloor. In this talk we will explain how it was explored by Expedition IODP 370, and what the expedition discovered! 


Date: Monday 10th September 

Time: 7.30pm 

Venue: Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen, AB24 3UE 

Cost: £4, £3 concession 

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