TechFest: The Science of The Day After Tomorrow Spoken Word

TechFest: The Science of The Day After Tomorrow

  • Date

    Monday 23 September 2013

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  • time

    Monday 23rd September 6pm

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  • price

    Adults - £5.50 Concessions - £3.85 including bf

  • genre

    Spoken Word

TechFest 2013

Fact or fiction? Special effects or climate warning?

The science of The Day After Tomorrow    

Belmont Cinema

Monday 23rd September 6pm 

Adults - £5.50  Concessions - £3.85 including booking fee

Age PG

Come and join in a talk discussing the special effects and the science behind The Day
After Tomorrow.
Join us as we discuss the possibility of a second Ice Age occurring and the effects that climate change are having upon the world and if the film is more factual than fiction.
Lynn Parker has been responsible for the introduction of visual effects at the University of Abertay Computer Arts programme over the past several years. Join her as she discusses the history of visual effects and how they were used in the film.

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