The Brandon McPhee Show Music

The Brandon McPhee Show

Running times: finishes at 10:30pm approx.

Thursday 7 September sees the Brandon McPhee Show making their first visit to the Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen. In years gone by the Tivoli Theatre saw many Scottish variety shows visit their stage including the great Will Starr.  Brandon has recently purchased Will Starr’s accordion from a museum in Northern Ireland and hopefully it will once again be being played on the Tivoli stage this time by Brandon McPhee.

Brandon won the All Scotland Senior Accordion Championship in 2014, has played for the Royals, the opening of the Scottish Parliament and has 7 recordings to his credit both traditional Scottish music and country music vocals.  The show in the Tivoli Theatre, consists of Brandon McPhee (Scottish Band 4 piece) the Brandon McPhee Country Band (6 piece) and Scotland’s Son of Fun – Eddie Rose adding a touch of comedy – a real family show.

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