The Steadfast Tin Soldier - Puppet Animation Festival

The Steadfast Tin Soldier - Puppet Animation Festival

Thalias Kompagnons (Germany) presents

Painting is the art form which seems to be closest to children. They pick up crayons naturally and start using

them, creating their own world and filling them with a great variety of wonderful things. Who would not want to join them in this sphere of their dreams? A fairy tale painter starts to sketch a large nursery, decorating it with wondrous toys and figures, to tell us the story about a faithful soldier and his adventures. But as can happen so often in painting and in stories – the images and characters start to develop their own lives. The tin soldier, who is a little the worse for wear, steps out of line and falls in love with a tissue paper ballerina. A

nasty red goblin interferes and the images start to come apart at the seams. Will the painter be steadfast and, together with the tin soldier, find a new path back to beauty and happiness?

Age 4+, 45mins

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