The Trickery

The Trickery

The Trickery


Sunday 03 March 2013, Doors 7.30pm


Tickets £8 +bf (no concessions)




Following on from a successful run of shows last year, The Trickery returns, bringing you the best vaudeville and variety acts from all over the world. Ranging from mind readers to exotic dancers, from stage pick-pockets to close up magicians and everything in between. This unique show will leave you feeling astounded, amazed and thirsty for more.


March brings you Dave Forrest. Although the name may not be familiar to you yet, it soon will be. Dave is one of the most innovative, creative thinkers that magic has to offer, and it was this thinking that got him invited to Hollywood. He recently was asked to go and perform at the illustrious Magic Castle in L.A., and we have him here for you.


Dave is ably supported by Aberdeen magician Eoin Smith. Eoin is an award-winning magician from Aberdeen, who has entertained bands around Scotland and TV executives in Norway, as well as performing in comedy clubs, five star hotels, nightclubs and more.


Gregor Wapler, this former Scottish Comedian of the Year heat winner will be providing his unique viewpoint on life. He'll make you laugh, think, then laugh some more!


And the fantastic Roxy Stardust. Miss Stardust will be bring her unique, fun and quirky routines, guaranteed to lighten up even the darkest rain cloud!


The Trickery, do something different!

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Monday 04 March

Last nights show was absolutely fantastic! A great blend of magic, comedy and burlesque of the likes that Aberdeen has never seen! Dave Forrest and Eoin Smith pulled out some amazing mind bending feats of magic! Gregory Wappler had me in fits of laughter! And Roxy Stardust....Im in love! funny, sexy all while wearing a Darth Vader mask! This truly is the must see show show in town!



Tuesday 12 February

I was at the show last month and was amazed by Colin's performance. His mind reading skills were amazing I have absolutely no idea how he managed to do it. Mind mind boggling!! The other magician Luke also amazed me with his card trick managing to make a card change that was nailed to his face ???? No idea!!!


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