The Trickery

The Trickery

  • Date

    Sunday 06 October 2013

  • venue

    Snafu Nightclub

  • time

    October 6th 2013 Doors 7.30pm

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    £8.80 including bf

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The Trickery

October 6th 2013


Tickets £8.80 including bf


An evening of magical wonder, breath-taking burlesque and hilarious comedy - all in one show!

Following on from a successful run of shows last year, The Trickery returns, bringing you the best vaudeville and variety acts from all over the world. Ranging from mind readers to exotic dancers, from stage pick-pockets to close up magicians and everything in between. This unique show will leave you feeling astounded, amazed and thirsty for more.

Dee Christopher, the UK's leading alternative entertainer, makes his return to Aberdeen. After studying sleight of hand magic from the age of four, Dee became obsessed in his teens with the paranormal, the supernatural and the darker side of his art. Through out his time studying the work of real psychics, witches and other paranormal practitioners, Dee has developed his own methodology to recreate the signature demonstrations of the world's best psychic performers, alongside crafting his own style of mind-blowing mentalism. Dee now makes a living entertaining the public with the demonstrations of psychic and psychokinetic stunts that he has developed, as well as lecturing and writing books on his area of expertise and regularly appearing in the national and international media.


"He will blow your mind like someone stuffed TNT in your lugholes" Alix Fox, Bizarre Magazine    


"Burn the witch!" Neil Morrisey (Men behaving badly, Bob the Builder)


"Dee Christopher is one of the most skilled and talented mentalists that i have met throughout the last 8 years of engaging, testing, judging and watching amazing individuals perform in front of me! His look is cool, mysterious and he projects an aura of mysticism around himself and throughout his act! If you want to be mystified and astonished, I highly recommend him!" 

Uri Geller (


Along with Dee is the enigmatic Creative Martyrs. An absurdist cabaret duo who dress in white face make-up, bowler hats and black suits.Their material presents an array of songs soaked in political satire. Their image and content reflect cabaret performers from the 1920s. It's a common comedy trope to be made to laugh at what you shouldn't. Frequently the power is in the cruelty – to laugh at others. The Creative Martyrs, however, have their own species of this effect: not so cruel, but much, much more insidious. The Creative Martyrs have mastered the art of playing on that shocking line between horror and hilarity. Never has the road to Hell been paved with so many japes and jolly songs. Who knew that sinister was so uplifting?


 "In the hands of the Martyrs we can all die laughing"



"The two performers are nothing short of spectacular, they are instantly charming yet otherworldly. Their music is beautiful and haunting yet the lyrics exceptionally funny" 


The Trickery, do something different!

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