The Trickery

The Trickery

The Trickery

Sunday 05 May 2013, Doors 7.30pm

Tickets £8 +bf


An evening of magical wonder, breath-taking burlesque and hilarious comedy - all in one show!

Following on from a successful run of shows last year, The Trickery returns, bringing you the best vaudeville and variety acts from all over the world. Ranging from mind readers to exotic dancers, from stage pick-pockets to close up magicians and everything in between. This unique show will leave you feeling astounded, amazed and thirsty for more.

May brings you Dee ChristopherSeen as a mystery artist, his job is to astound and amaze on-lookers with feats of metal bending, the psychic movement of objects and otherwise affecting matter with his mind. Throughout his time studying the work of real psychics, witches and other paranormal practitioners, Dee has developed his own methodology to recreate the signature demonstrations of the world's best psychic performers, alongside crafting his own style of mind-blowing psychokinesis.

Dee now makes a living entertaining the public with the demonstrations of psychic and psychokinetic stunts that he has developed, as well as lecturing and writing books on his area of expertise and regularly appearing in the national and international media.

Deeis ably supported by The Pied Piper freak show. They have been performing around the world for the last decade. Bringing old Vaudeville style performances alive. From the strong man routine through to the classic bed of nails. This is delivered with good old comedy and tongue in cheek humour.

Patrick Brusnahan will be providing the comedy on the night. The young up and coming Aberdeen based comedian will entertain you with his shocking one-liners and skewed view on life's woes. Patrick will also be making his Trickery debut!

And the fantastic Psyclone Jack. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, we have another fantastic debut for you. Truly living up to her name, Jack is a force of nature. She has specially designed a routine for Trickery audience, this will be the only chance that you will have to see anything like this, ANYWHERE in Scotland!

The Trickery, do something different!

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