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Plus support from Craig John Davidson and The Kitchen Cynics

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"Enthralling, mind-blowingly original and totally bonkers : just a few ways to describe  Thomas Truax and his creative circus of the wonderfully surreal." Alex Flynn, Brighton Noise

One of the most imaginative characters on the pop music fringe, Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) travels the world performing with his "band" of bizarre self-made Tim Burtonesque instruments including a motorized drum machine made of bike wheels called 'Mother Superior' and a pimped-up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', as well as his venerable resonator guitar 'Hank'.

More than just an inventor and entertainer, Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology and various reasons 'Why Dogs Howl at The Moon'. Notable supporters and collaborators include Jarvis Cocker, Duke Special, Richard Hawley, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione (of the Dresden Dolls) and the author Terry Pratchett. Thomas has even been featured with his Hornicator in a Marvel Comic.

Five of his six albums are self-written, but a meeting with director David Lynch resulted in cleverly-titled and highly acclaimed 2009 covers album 'Songs From The Films Of David Lynch'. 

Last year Thomas turned down an invitation to perform on 'America's Got Talent',  but accepted another to score and perform in a major stage production of 'Peer Gynt' by award winning director Kay Voges in Dortmund, Germany. Critical reaction has been so strong for the play and it's music that a soundtrack album 'Trolls, Girls, and Lullabies' has just been released. A brand new instrument, 'The Saxogramophone' is featured.

"When he performs, it is a spectacle - the originality and seeming impossibility of what he does is much of the appeal." The Guardian

"Genius" NME

"His gigs are extraordinary, like cabaret nights fizzing with showmanship" Q

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