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Born from Glasgow’s continuously fruitful and shape shifting music scene, Tijuana Bibles are one of the most formidable and creatively unshackled bands that the country's varied landscape has to offer.

Garnering rave reviews from everyone from NME to Q Magazine, CLASH and many more, the critical acclaim has mirrored their prolific reputation as an awe-inspiring live band, leading them to rapturous reviews across the U.K. & Europe and taking in some of the nation's most revered festivals along the way.

As anyone that has bore witness to headline shows in everywhere from Glasgow’s Oran Mor to the unfamiliar terrain of Poznan’s Alligator Club or during supports slots with Twin Atlantic, Deap Valley and more will attest, the band’s unique alchemy and charisma translates perfectly from the studio into the realm of live performance.

The four piece return and have emerged rejuvenated, carving out a brazen new path armed with a renewed sense of purpose and musical manifesto. 

Tijuana Bibles much anticipated new material is propulsive, volatile and unencumbered by any expectation of what fans may have come to expect from their sound. Led by frontman Tony Costello’s shamanic and confessional vocal performance as he purges his demons with striking verbosity, James Brannigan (guitar) Danny Costello (bass) and Mikey Dornan (drums) provide the perfect canvas of gritty, hypnotic post-punk that bears their own unique hallmark and makes for the band's most exhilarating release to date. Laden with festering discontent and all of the alluring swagger of desert rock, upcoming new single ‘Pariah’ is the sound of modern dystopia condensed into three hellacious minutes of uproarious music. All killer hooks and chaotic dissonance, Tijuana Bibles come careering from the studio with reckless abandon and an immersive new agenda.

2017 awaits the genesis of Tijuana Bibles’ next evolution coming to fruition before the eyes of fans and soon-to-be converts alike.

"Black Sabbath and Kyuss style robo-riffery!" NME

"Colossal Live" Fred Perry Subculture

"Swampy, entrancing, debauched..." Clash Magazine

"Unmissable Live Act" Tenement TV

"huge slab of aural red meat that would cause the the Black Keys to salivate with jealousy" Q

“as thrillingly dangerous as the Mexican drug cartel town of their name” T in the Park Festival

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