Treacherous Orchestra Music

Treacherous Orchestra

  • Date

    Friday 11 December 2015

  • venue

    The Lemon Tree

  • time

    Doors 7.30pm

  • age

    Adults, Teens

  • price

    £15.40 inc. bf

  • genre


Featured in our recent Northern Arc session and emerging from the vibrant melting-pot of Glasgow’s 21st-century folk scene, Treacherous Orchestra take Scottish dance music into a thrilling new dimension. Comprising ten of Scotland’s, and two of Ireland’s, finest young instrumentalists (or should that just be mentalists?), this truly turbocharged collective have incited merry mayhem at every one of their previous appearances.


“When it comes to bands and performers who know how to deliver the goods in a live situation, there can’t be too many who can step up to the plate and match Treacherous Orchestra. Contenders may try to hold a candle but might find the flame ignominiously blown out in a frenzied whirlwind of Celtic based tunes breathlessly merging into one another.” Bright Young Folk

“Treacherous Orchestra live up to their name. Constant shifts and the playing with form are thrill-a-minute exhilarating rather than outright dangerous or devious, they are genuinely symphonic and Grind is conceived on a grand scale. Yet this music is also played with intricate attention to detail, an intimate knowledge of the instruments of choice and a total trust in each others ability. They have it all and then some and Grind is pure, unadulterated, delirious joy.” Fruk (Album of the Month)

“Anyone who has seen Treacherous Orchestra perform will know that they are a phenomenal live band.” Fatea

“Treacherous makes a very Scottish trance music with fevered banjo and accordion motifs, highly charged bagpipe licks, and driving and sometimes charmingly wayward fiddle lines. The sound is very industrial, as well as industrious, yet there's much joyfulness and emotional release as well as reflective links and gentler acoustic passages for contrast. The result is a strong, focused statement that's almost a metaphor for Scottish self-sufficiency, in musical terms certainly, and as a listening experience, it's quite a journey.” The Herald

“Treacherous Orchestra has succeeded in forging another link in those flexible chains between traditional and contemporary music - pure dead brilliant” The Living Tradition

“Raising the bar in folk fusion Glasgow’s mightiest dirty dozen, Treacherous Orchestra, generate uncharted peaks of euphoria” The List

“Miss out at your peril” Songlines

”Their sound is traditional Scottish booted firmly into the 21st century… genuinely exciting musical ideas: phrases, changes of rhythm and mood, and never a dull moment” R2

“Rousing fusion from the vibrant Scottish scene” The Guardian

“Filled to bursting point with ideas” fRoots

“Treacherous Orchestra are a brave, loud 11-piece folk big band influenced by rock as well as traditional Celtic styles - rousing fusion from the vibrant Scottish scene ” ★★★★ The Guardian

"An exciting and invigorating breath of fresh air" FolkRadioUK

Treacherous Orchestra are:
Ross Ainslie – Bagpipes & Whistle: Ali Hutton – Bagpipes & Whistle: Kevin O’Neill – Flute & Whistle: John Somerville – Accordion: Éamonn Coyne – Banjo & Tenor Guitar: Adam Sutherland – Fiddle: Innes Watson – Fiddle: Barry Reid – Electric & Acoustic Guitars: Duncan Lyall – Double Bass & Bass Guitar: Martin O’Neill – Bodhrán: Fraser Stone – Drums.

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