Treacherous Orchestra & Lay Low Music

Treacherous Orchestra & Lay Low

Aberdeen Performing Arts presents Northern Arc Sessions

Treacherous Orchestra & Lay Low

Emerging from the vibrant melting-pot of Glasgow’s 21st-century folk scene, Treacherous Orchestra take Scottish dance music into a thrilling new dimension. Comprising ten of Scotland’s, and two of Ireland’s, finest young instrumentalists (or should that just be mentalists?), this truly turbocharged collective have incited merry mayhem at every one of their previous appearances.

They picked extraordinary Lay Low, the alter-ego of Icelandic singer/songwriter Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, to join them to play the night away is

Born in Croydon, London to a Sri Lankan father and Icelandic mother, LAY LOW’s musical
abilities stretch as far as her geographical heritage. Starting out as a pianist and bass
guitar player; she has jammed on keyboards and synthesizers with alternative rock band,
Benny Crespo’s Band and found her voice in blues folk and a little honky tonky bop
collaborating with producers such as Liam Watson. Although her new material is taking on
a new trip hop twist, Lay Low’s distinct musical journey can still be felt at its roots,
producing a honed yet experimental sound that is all her own.

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