Wendy Hoose

Wendy Hoose

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and Random Accomplice presents

Wendy Hoose by Johnny McKnight

Directed by Robert Softley Gale & Johnny McKnight

The creative forces of Birds of Paradise & Random Accomplice come together for the first time to bring you a frank and hilarious sex comedy - Wendy Hoose.

Laura and Jake just want sex.  Late Friday night drunken sex.  Nothing more.  No strings attached. But getting your leg over is sometimes more difficult than you think.

Wendy Hoose is about two twenty year olds searching for love in all the wrong places!

The production contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature. In the comedic style of the production, Wendy Hoose includes audio description, BSL and animated surtitles.

"A vulnerable James Young and a defiantly sexy Amy Conachan star in this outrageously funny comedy of manners” ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN

“the production, co-directed by McKnight and Robert Softley Gale, has no time for such soppiness; it is rude, ribald and hilariously off-colour, and bodes tremendously well for the new directorship of Birds of Paradise.” ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN

“Writer McKnight is the master of witty wordplay and Young delivers his painfully cruel rejections with perfect timing and zeal.” ★★★★ TV BOMB

“Conachan in particular does a beautiful job of painting Laura as a real woman with needs, wants, desires and obligations, who’s not willing to be repressed by the ‘disabled’ label." ★★★★ TV BOMB

“The knotty problems and see-saw dynamics of the pair who are keen to have sex but don’t know each other is captured through McKnight’s brilliant ear for authentic West of Scotland speech.”

“Julie Brown, whose dry, non- committal tones as observer manage to create a highly comic, virtual ménage a trois.”  ★★★★ EDINBURGH GUIDE

Age guideline: 16 years +

Running Time: approx 75 mins (no interval)

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