Aberdeen Performing Arts is a vibrant, cultural hub at the heart of city life inspiring, exploring and engaging through live performances and creative projects. Creating A Spark in the North-east with our homegrown shows and productions.

Aberdeen Performing Arts is proud to be developing The Lemon Tree into a producing hub for theatre in the North East. We’ve long received shows from all over Scotland and the rest of the world and are now thrilled to be creating theatre here ourselves. We’ve curated a selection of Scratch Nights, a one off Scrapyard experience and a programme of Artist Exchanges all aimed at testing new ideas, developing new talent in the region and listening to new voices in theatre. We’d love you to get involved.

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Following on from the success of Freshly Squeezed Theatre in January, The Lemon Tree has created a programme of Scratch Nights. On these evenings we’ll present a showcase of work from playwrights based in the North East and beyond, all responding to the theme of the night. Join us to hear what the writers have to say, and take part in the discussion afterwards to have yours.


What we’re looking for
To be suitable for a Scratch Night, scripts must be between eight and ten minutes long and be able to be performed as a monologue or a two or three hander. They can be short stand alone pieces or an excerpt from a longer script. Your excerpt should be possible to stage with minimal props, sound and lighting requirements and we ask that you consider copyright when thinking about including music.Other than that, be creative and interpret the theme in whatever way you like. This is your chance for your writing take centre stage and show us work that is exciting, engaging and unexpected. 

The selected excerpts will be rehearsed and performed script in hand by a professional cast under direction as part of The Lemon Tree Scratch Nights. The playwrights will be invited to attend their rehearsal on the day of the event. Taking part offers the playwrights the opportunity to see their work up on its feet for the first time and to gain feedback from the audience, actors and director.


We are only accepting submissions from writers either from, or based in, the North East of Scotland. Scripts must be typed and presented neatly and include your name, address and contact details on the first page but are not required to conform to industry standard formatting. For more information or to submit your script email Helen Milne on helen.milne@aberdeenperformingarts.com


Scrapyard is a place to discover the unexpected, to take risks and where the best work is often unfinished, we invite you to witness our one off creations.

Scrapyard is a theatre project which invites theatre makers of all disciplines to experiment with new ideas and collaborations. Scrapyard have worked with Aberdeen Performing Arts to bring together theatre artists from across the North East to participate in a two week project to create exciting, fresh pieces of theatre. Participating artists are placed in teams, given a stimulus and challenged to create a short play in two weeks.

scrapyardtheatre.weebly.com | facebook.com/scrapyardtheatre | @scraptheatre

The Lemon Tree is undertaking a programme of Artist Exchanges through which we provide theatre makers time and space to nurture and develop new ideas and new productions. In return they work with us to offer career development opportunities or workshops for young people in the region, or take part in wider events in the city.


Akiha Den Den

Our Artist Exchange is with writer Neil Cargill and musician and composer Simon James of black channels. Between them Neil and Simon are creating an exciting new radio drama series with links to the North-east called Akiha Den Den. Akiha Den Den is a strange abandoned community whose mysterious transmissions have been picked up by radio ham Mr Cuttings. Words and music cut through the night like an arrow through thick fog. Someone, somewhere, is trying to contact you. Listen carefully – it may be the last voice you ever hear.