Aberdeen Box Office closes to install new system

Aberdeen Box Office closes to install new system

The city-based ticketing agency Aberdeen Box Office will shut down in order to install a new and improved booking service, with seat preview and print-tickets-at-home options.

During the transfer, it will not be possible to buy tickets from the agency online, by phone or in person at the Music Hall, His Majesty’s Theatre or The Lemon Tree.

Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) are switching to AudienceView, one of the market leaders in this field with around 150 clients in 12 countries around the world, selling more than 60 million tickets every year.

“The innovative system will have a host of exciting new features,” explained APA’s systems administrator Leon Gray. “And looking further ahead, we hope to use new software to enable customers to buy tickets or make reservations directly through the social-media website Facebook, and a mobile-optimised website, so they can so the same thing using their smart phones.”

Once the new system is up and running customers will be able to access the new system in the usual way at www.boxofficeaberdeen.com, by phone at 01224 641122 and at the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre ticket desks.

Posted on Friday 15 February

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posted by Wendy | Wednesday 20 February 8.52pm

My elderly parents were so desperate to book tickets to see their grandson in a show, that when they realised they were unable to book online they made a 60 mile round trip to drive into the music hall only to find out that it was closed through the day on Monday, severe lack on information on your website!!!!!

posted by Aberdeen Performing Arts | Wednesday 20 February 2.50pm

The re-opening of Aberdeen Box Office has been delayed due to a technical hitch in the installation of a new and improved booking service. It will re-open for business as soon as possible.

The service closed down at 8pm on Saturday to carry out the switch-over in the ticketing systems and while closed, it is not possible to buy tickets from the agency online, by phone or in person at the Music Hall, His Majesty’s Theatre or The Lemon Tree.

posted by Sylvs | Wednesday 20 February 1.32pm

I know it states on website that new system will be up and running at lunchtime Wed and I have phoned and it states that booking is closed today. It would be nice if Management could update website as to when system will be up and running to prevent further frustration.

posted by sam andreson | Wednesday 20 February 1.23pm

supposed to be open wendesday lunch but never opened, a shoddy way to treat customers

posted by Sylvs | Wednesday 20 February 1.22pm

Please could you provide update as to when booking system will be up and running? Many Thanks

posted by helen | Wednesday 20 February 12.51pm

i am coming to aberdeen for a weekend but cant book my hotel until i know if i can get tickets for the show i want to see, very inconvenient.

posted by maggie | Wednesday 20 February 12.46pm

Extremely stupid way of managing a business!

posted by Stewart Rothnie | Wednesday 20 February 12.15pm

I find it astonishing that there is no simple method of selling tickets in place for 4 days! I can understand no internet sales but telephone and in person?? Surely a paper seating plan and some temporary tickets could be used and the system updated once the system is up again.

posted by Rachele | Wednesday 20 February 8.24am


posted by Joy | Monday 18 February 2.25pm

I find this unbelievable, I also want to reserve tickets, for Carmen, as I am going to be away I wanted this sorted before going.

posted by Charlotte | Sunday 17 February 9.49am

I find this very inconvenient I'm looking to buy cats tickets and have to wait till Wednesday, is it possible to reserve two tickets. Thanks

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