Aberdeen Box Office re-opening delayed

Aberdeen Box Office re-opening delayed

The re-opening of city-based ticketing agency Aberdeen Box Office has been delayed due to a technical hitch in the installation of a new and improved booking service. It will re-open for business as soon as possible.

The service closed down at 8pm on Saturday to carry out the switch-over in the ticketing systems and while closed, it is not possible to buy tickets from the agency online, by phone or in person at the Music Hall, His Majesty’s Theatre or The Lemon Tree.

Posted on Wednesday 20 February

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posted by Bernard | Saturday 23 February 11.57pm

Thank you for the changes made in the online booking process. I can book tickets with the new system now.

posted by Bernard | Thursday 21 February 9.57pm

I encounter three problems when I do the online booking. First, the systems said my transaction failed when I tried to pay by both my visa debit and credit cards. Second, the login process requires my "username", but what is my username when the system did not ask me for one in the "create account" process? Third, the system will keep my saved order under my account for 5 minutes only. The time is too short for me to finish the transaction (not to say my previous transaction failed, and when I tried to do it again, all my saved order is gone). Actually, I don't find my "shopping cart" in the booking page.

posted by Aberdeen Performing Arts | Thursday 21 February 1.38pm

We are aiming to re-open at 2pm today (Thursday) after the installation of a new and improved booking service.

We thank our customers for their patience during the period that the box office has been closed and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

To put the scale of the process into context, we are moving more than 570,000 live admissions and 250,000 customers between systems on top of the three year's worth of historical data. This has been a huge undertaking that has been in the planning for over a year.

We look forward to showing off the new ticketing system's capabilities to their fullest in the coming months.

posted by Donna | Thursday 21 February 9.18am

This is clearly not a system upgrade, this is IT service provision or upgrade gone badly wrong. Working in technology industry myself an upgrade, maintenance or integration of new service does not mean that you remove all existing services for days on end. Be better if they are honest about the issues they are having here.

posted by Brian | Wednesday 20 February 11.14pm

The comments from people on this site are so typical of the "me, now" society we live in. If something is not working at that precise moment, its the end of the world. The Aberdeen Box Office is going to return better than before and a wee bit of patience would not go amiss.

posted by Sarah Watt | Wednesday 20 February 7.53pm

Most events have been on sale for months and they will get it going again when they can. I'm sure they are doing everything they can to speed up the process.

Cut them a break, still far superior to some of the other ticketing agencies I've had to deal with.

posted by Stuart | Wednesday 20 February 5.16pm

So what are we supposed to do now? Buy tickets on the night of the event? or will you not even sell them then?

posted by Hilary | Wednesday 20 February 4.33pm

I have to agree. 4 days is a ridiculous time to spend doing an upgrade. I feel sorry for the performers who must be losing money! Really disappointed - so much for being a valued club 'member' of HMT. Also - lot's of damage to the Box Office reputation. I wonder how lon we are going to have to wait?

posted by Eva | Wednesday 20 February 4.29pm

This is ridiculous - I was asked in Union St. by a TV crew what I thought of Aberdeen applying to become City of Culture! And we can't even buy tickets to cultural events! How can we then put on shows as "City of Culture"? Surely some temporary system could be set up. I wanted to buy tickets for an event next week, so what do I do?

posted by Andy | Wednesday 20 February 3.58pm

Not at all impressed at the Music Halls inability to sell tickets. No way to run a business.

posted by Peter | Wednesday 20 February 3.06pm

For three days I have tried to purchase tickets. Tried to get into the box office and have sat at position 1 in the phone queue for over an hour before finally giving up. An absolute farce. Not impressed at all.

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