APA Sound Advice: Kris Drever at The Lemon Tree

APA Sound Advice: Kris Drever at The Lemon Tree

Interested in trying something new in Aberdeen but not quite sure what to expect? We're here to help! We've spoken to those in the know about the shows coming to our venues to tell you all about what makes seeing these performers live such a unique experience.


Discussing Kris Drever's upcoming performance at the Music Hall, Barbara Chalmers, Aberdeen Performing Arts' Interim Director of Marketing & Communications said:

"Kris Drever is really changing the trad soundscape. When I saw him at Celtic Connections playing with Lau and The Unthanks, his percussive introduction was powerfully moody. His breathy, noteless accordian section was like a whole other lifeform joining the trio. If trad is too trad for you, I'd say give it a go. Stellar."


Don't miss your opportunity to see Kris Drever in his upcoming visit to Aberdeen in May, click here to book your tickets.

Kris Drever & Band
Thursday 12 May 2016, doors 7.30pm | The Lemon Tree
£13.20 inc. bf


Posted on Wednesday 17 February

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