Interview with Kirsty Robertson our Music Development Co-ordinator

Interview with Kirsty Robertson our Music Development Co-ordinator

Kirsty Robertson is our Music Development Co-ordinator. She has been very busy with our Summer Schools and getting ready for our various classes over the next year.

For more information on the classes run by our Creative Learning team please visit us here.

What does your role at Aberdeen Performing Arts involve?
My role at APA is to plan, coordinate and deliver the Youth Music programme. I also run the His Majesty’s Theatre school tour and workshop programme and conduct the ninety-strong Community Choir, amongst many other projects! It is a busy, varied job and no day is ever the same!

Do you have classes for all age groups?
Yes we do! We have Youth Music classes for ages 1 to 19 and our Community Choir is open to adults 16+. We have the following classes: Imagine Tiny (ages 1-2 + parent/guardian), Imagine Tots (ages 3-4 + parent/guardian), Mini Maestros (P1-P3), Mega Maestros (P4-P7) and Project Band (ages 14-19).

Classes for babies and toddlers?! What do these involve?
Indeed! We have lots of fun during our Imagine Tiny and Imagine Tots classes on Saturday afternoons. The classes involve lots of different activities. We sing songs, rhymes, we use variety of props and instruments and we always have lots of movement! With the older class (Imagine Tots), we often play games and read stories as well. We aim to share lots of different songs and activities with parents and guardians so they can continue these at home. Here is some of the props and equipment that we use each week:

What are the benefits for music classes for children and young people?
There are so many benefits for all ages, and not just musical ones. In our early years classes (Imagine Tiny, Imagine Tots, Mini Maestros) we have lots of focus on socialising with other children, developing bonds between children and parent/guardian (in Imagine Tiny and Imagine Tots), the importance of patience and turn taking, and becoming more confident. We encourage children to sing in front of the group (when they are comfortable to do so) and all activities are paced in an age-appropriate and supportive environment. From a musical point of view, we encourage all our children in our early years classes to develop the ability to identify and keep a pulse, singing in tune and pitch match.

In our primary school class Mega Maestros, we build on the skills that children have already developed and work on more complex songs and games, get to grips with the basics of reading music and learn all about different types of music from folk music all the way to orchestral classics! We aim to develop children’s confidence when performing and in turn, this often helps them in many other walks of life.

Our Project Band class is a class like no other. Our participants form bands, work on song writing and spend time in a recording studio. Participants also learn many non-musical but essential skills for building a career in the music industry like how to get gigs, what to write to a promoter, and how to market your music.

What can children and young expect if they come along to one your classes?
Above everything, we want our participants to have fun when they attend our classes! Our classes are a great chance to meet new friends with similar interests and learn new skills. Our tutors are all qualified music experts and we teach using many different methods – there is always plenty of games and varying activities each week!

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Thanks to Kirsty for taking time out to do this for us. Project Band Almni the 101 played at this years Belladrum Festival and spoke to us about the importance of Project Band to them here.


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The musician is very beautiful and dynamic. I see her work very effectively.
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