Q&A with Twelfth Day who are appearing at the Lemon Tree on Sunday 11 March 2018

Q&A with Twelfth Day who are appearing at the Lemon Tree on Sunday 11 March 2018

We are really looking forward to having Twelfth Day playing with us on Sunday 11 March 2018. They very kindly took some time out to have a quick Q&A with us about themselves and their music and tour.


Can you tell us a little about the band?

We formed Twelfth Day between 2006 and 2008 whilst students at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. We were sharing a flat and realised we had a lot in common musically so thought we would try to create some new music together. We love busting through stereotypes and expectation of our instruments – the orchestral pedal harp and the violin. We are always exploring ways in which to push the boundaries and come up with new sounds. Since 2010 we have released three albums and 2 EPs, and have travelled to Malawi, Canada, Mongolia and Brazil for our international folk music sharing project Routes to Roots. We’ve also performed in Chile, Poland and Germany as well as all our activity here in the UK. We feel very lucky to have such a close musical partnership and friendship. It feels like we will still be exploring music together when we’re old and doddery!

Do you have any memories of Aberdeen or the Lemon Tree?

We’ve only played in Aberdeen once as a duo so far, and that was years ago at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. While we were up, we had a day off and decided we needed hair cuts, so took a punt on a hairdresser in town. We walked in and it was like a time warp. We came out looking a little bit 80s.


Can you tell us a little about your influences?

We both grew up around Scottish traditional and classical music, and listen to everything in between, so our influences stretch far and wide. We had the luxury of four years at college in which to develop our music and come up with an original sound. By the time we left, we had our sound and have continued developing it ever since. We are inspired by musicians and artists who never stop exploring art and its power to move people and make a difference in the world.


What have you got planned for 2018 as a band?

After this UK tour we head to Germany in April, before our first tour in Canada in July and then back out in the UK in the autumn. We have a new EP planned for later in the year – a little sister to last year’s album Cracks in the Room.

For those who haven’t heard of you sell your band to us!

We’re a two‐person quartet who are happy to be hard to define. We make new music using an orchestral pedal harp, a fiddle and our two voices. The music is folk‐based, with influences from classical, jazz, pop and everything in between. We like to create rich textures and layers in our instrumentals, and cover a broad range of subjects in our songs, often with tongue‐in‐cheek lyrics. Our show is varied and we have a lot of fun on stage.


Do any of the band members have a guilty musical secret, a band/singer they like but feel they really shouldn’t?

A bit of Spice Girls or Boyzone from our youth never goes amiss!!

Do you have a dream gig you would like to play, if so, is it supporting any band or in any specific venue?

Hmmm…. Many! But let’s go with supporting a Björk/Patti Smith collaboration in the Royal Albert Hall.



Thanks so much to Catriona and Esther for their kind answers and the time they've taken.

If you arew interested in seeing the band then please book here.

Posted on Monday 05 March

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