Paul Chowdhry Q&A

Paul Chowdhry Q&A

Super funny comedian Paul Chowdhry took some time out to discuss his trip to Aberdeen, deep fried Mars Bars and how he thinks our questions make him feel like Miss World.

In your promo video for our social pages you spoke about how Aberdonians deep fry everything – will you be trying a deep fried Mars bar when you are here?

I will probably try half a deep fried Mars bar because I’m trying to avoid diabetes before leaving Aberdeen.

Scottish food is very similar to Indian food, because everything is deep fried. Chinese deserts include deep fried apples and bananas, so at least you get some of your five a day.

What did you do before your stand up career began?

I got a degree in media and started doing extra work in t.v and films, then I started doing stand up in the evenings. I haven’t been an extra since.

You hosted Stand Up for the Week? What were your favourite hosting moments and why?

I finished hosting that show in 2014, when the show ended. The moments before the show started were the most exciting, because every week the acts and I had to do new material based on topical news stories. It was real stand up to a real audience, unlike any other show on t.v since. Every week a brand new stand up comedy set was written in two days.

How do you develop everyday observations into your shows?

I try to turn tragedy into comedy. It can be unintentional and is sometimes more like therapy.

Who are your comedy heroes, and have you met any of them?

Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinison, Bruce Forsyth, etc. the only way I could meet them would be through a seance.

Any unfulfilled ambitions in or out of comedy?

Yes becoming middleweight champion of the world, I don’t think that will happen now, but they say never give up on your dreams.

If you were to receive £10,000,000 tomorrow what is your first purchase?

Have these questions been written for Miss World? I would buy wells and technology for third world countries (says Miss World).

If you could be any character from film or literature who would you be and why?

Batman because he is human and doesn’t have any actual super powers. He goes out at night and saves lives, similar to a comedian but without the cape because in real life it ends up looking like a burka.

Who would win in a fight between the Chuckle Brothers and Dick and Dom?

The Chuckle brothers, because they come from the old school and they probably fight real gangsta. And they happen to be Geordies…

Lastly a more serious one, you’ve spoken on mental health issues, can you tell us a bit about why that’s so important to you?

It’s important to raise awareness of issues outside of conventional routes. I’ve received more positive feedback about discussing mental health than any other part of the show. People respect honesty, it’s observational comedy of the mind.


Thanks so much to Paul for answering these questions, this looks like it'll be a great night, tickets still available.

Posted on Thursday 07 June

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