Q&A with the Laura Green from the Student Show

Q&A with the Laura Green from the Student Show

This week sees the annual Student Show return to HMT. This year's Show is Fittie, Fittie, Bang, Bang. We spoke to Laura Green who was kind enough to answer some questions for us about the show and what it's like putting on such a show., and the finer points of such an undertaking.

Can you tell me a little about how Fittie Fittie Bang Bang came about, do you start with the story or the title?

Our lovely production team came up with the title and suggested it to me. I absolutely loved it straight away! They had a brief idea of a plot when this happened however it has developed a lot since then and changed in places!!


What is it like fitting in the rehearsals and planning for the whole show around university?

It has been a busy year as organising for this year’s show started right after last years ended. It can be stressful balancing both, especially during our 4 weeks of rehearsals, however every cast member is in the same situation. Some of us are in our last year of university so it has maybe been slightly more stressful for us but nothing will stop us from doing Student Show!


Do you think about or read scripts for past shows when preparing the new ones?

Generally no as each year needs to be different to the last which is what makes Student Show so special and unique.


How do you keep your script topical, are there many script revisions dependent on the news?

Our production team are always looking out for current things happening around the Aberdeen area and beyond to make sure that some of the humour within the show is topical. The script has been known to change in places on the night of shows due to what has been reported in the news that day!


Can you tell us a little about your own memories of HMT/APA venues?

I moved to Aberdeen to study at University, and decided to audition for TTB theatre company who perform at the Arts Centre each year. I got in to their production of Sweet Charity and then went on to do another 3 shows with them. However, I didn’t audition for Student Show until second year which I have regretted ever since as the feeling of being on HMT stage for the first time was something that I will never forget.


We recently had Student Show Alumni Laura Main take back to the stage at HMT in Shrek, have any of your stars got ambitions to return one day?

One of our lead boys is heading down to London in August to study musical theatre so who knows, we may see him back at some point! I think that any of us would love to come back one day and perform here again. It would be a massive achievement.


For those who have never attended a show such as this how would you entice them in?

I would say that if you don’t buy a ticket then you’re never going to experience what so many people do each and every year!

Our show is nothing like any other Student Show as it is unique and special to Aberdeen. It has a lot of history behind it with ours being the 97th show! By coming to see Student Show you are coming to not only keep an amazing tradition running but to also contribute to raising thousands of pounds for 32 local charities. Last year we raised just over £92,000.

I can promise that if you come along you will not be disappointed and will have a great night full of laughs!

Even if you don’t speak doric (which I don’t) !

Thanks so much to Laura for speaking to us, tickets are still available for the show here.

Posted on Monday 16 April

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