The Puppet Animation Festival at APA

The Puppet Animation Festival at APA

Puppet Animation Festival is the UK’s largest and oldest annual performing arts event for children, celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2018, and we are pleased to have 3 very different, but equally interesting events happening at the Lemon Tree.

If you are looking for someothing a bit different this Easter then these family shows could well be exactly what you're looking for, they're a bit fun, a bit different and even in some cases a bit educational.



There and Back Again An Odyssey

Tuesday 03 April 2018  - Start 2.00pm

There and back again


Follow CBeebies’ Patrick Lynch as he uses a pioneering mix of live cinema and theatre to take you on a thrilling ride across the magical world of ancient Greece. With miniature sets Patrick directs the lights, camera and action in front of your eyes to show the Cyclops, the Siege of Troy, the Floating Island, the Land of the Dead, and the whirlpools and mythical creatures which make up the earliest of all fantasy books, Homer’s The Odyssey.

Multiple cameras magnify in wide screen the table-top puppetry, down to the smallest detail, turning a storm-in-a-teacup into an Aegean tempest. Dramatizing the fundamental fable hidden in this classic of world-literature, Theatre And Back Again proves that no matter how far you roam, there’s no place like Homer.

Forming Lyngo Theatre in 2003 Patrick has since collaborated with many of the most exciting artists in children’s theatre, touring the UK and internationally with his innovative and visually distinctive productions.

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A Heart At Sea

Tuesday 10 April 2018  - Start 2.00pm

A heart at sea

Be enthralled by this epic musical folktale told on a miniature scale. A Heart at Sea uses haunting live music to tell the story of a young Boy who bottles up his heart and throws it into the sea. Original song-writing is set to breath-taking visuals centered around a beautifully carved wooden chest that holds the secrets to the story.

A Heart At Sea Trailer from Half a String on Vimeo.


Intricate puppets are swept through a transforming wooden world created by the spectacular chest. Be astounded as backdrops flip up, pirouette and change, sending the Boy tumbling through danger and discovery. Puppets roam on this unique contraption to recount the story of whales, tiny boats, sea captains and beards.

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Little Light

Tuesday 03 April 2018  - Start 2.00pm

Little light

Using shadow puppetry, table-top puppets, object theatre, dance, music and animation, this new multi-media production from one of Scotland’s leading puppetry companies tells the story of a lonely boy who discovers companionship and trust through the curiosity of a mischievous star and the devotion of a faithful dog.

Inside a replica of a Bedouin tent the audience sits on pillows and cushions. Around the top of the tent above a panoramic screen for projections, a starlit sky is visible. From one constellation, a small, energetic flicker of light falls from the sky to investigate the world below and, meeting a small boy and his father, the story begins…

For this production, Vision Mechanic’s Artistic Directors Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel have collaborated with performers from the Haya Cultural Centre, Amman, renowned for its work engaging with children in Jordan through the arts. Little Light is highly visual and contains only a few words in Arabic.

Age Guidance: 5+

Length: 45 mins (no interval)

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All Shows for Puppet Animation Festival are £7.70 inc bf concessions & Family tickets available


Posted on Tuesday 13 March

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posted by Harry | Thursday 15 March 11.53am

I loved the first image in which he is sitting with a matchstick. It's looking funny.

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