We are currently undergoing an upgrade to our box office ticketing system. As a result we will be unable to sell tickets until further notice.

The new system will see a major improvement to our service whilst giving online customers a better user experience. Please keep checking back to see the upgrade and purchase tickets to your favourite shows.

Posted on Monday 18 February

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posted by Aberdeen Performing Arts | Thursday 21 February 2.41pm

We are now open after the installation of a new and improved booking service.

Tickets for the hundred of performances handled by Aberdeen Performing Art’s ticketing system are once again available online at, by phone at 01224 641122 and at Aberdeen Box Office at the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre.

“This was not just an upgrade but the installation of an entirely-new much improved system to streamline ticket sales,” said APA press manager Joyce Summers.

“It is a major undertaking and we very much appreciate the understanding and patience of our many customers during this very complex operation.”

posted by Alan Herbert | Thursday 21 February 2.21pm

What is the world coming to when you can't book some theatre tickets online? Its like living in a third-world country! Just another sign of the times in Broken Britain. Rest assured a strongly-worded letter(don't do any of that electronic communication nonsense) will be winging its way to the Press and Journal AND the Daily Mail.

posted by Aberdeen Performing Arts | Thursday 21 February 1.36pm

We're still aiming to re-open at 2pm today (Thursday) after the installation of a new and improved booking service.

We thank our customers for their patience during the period that the box office has been closed and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

To put the scale of the process into context, we are moving more than 570,000 live admissions and 250,000 customers between systems on top of the three year's worth of historical data. This has been a huge undertaking that has been in the planning for over a year.

We look forward to showing off the new ticketing system's capabilities to their fullest in the coming months.

posted by Audrey | Thursday 21 February 1.14pm

I have just phoned the box office in total exasperation , to hear a recorded message stating that the aim is to be up and running @ 2pm - don't rush out and put a bet on that !!!

posted by Gillian | Thursday 21 February 1.07pm


Can you give us some indication as to when the service will be available please?


posted by natalia ring | Thursday 21 February 12.30pm

I can´t believe it...the booking system is literaly paralyzed. STILL paralyzed. I wouldn´t expekt such a....(I do not find any respectable words!) mess in the UK, in Germany , yes, but not there. How the book office could afford not to sell tickets!Why this volks do not arange an another company or so??? Do the performers themselfs know about such...mess?!

posted by Brian | Thursday 21 February 12.21pm

I can not believe all the negative comments, this will be for the benefit for all at the end of the day, what options are there, drive to Edinburgh, Glasgow ?

posted by CHRIS | Thursday 21 February 9.56am

Before anyone points it out or nit-pics I meant to type down not do in my original comment

posted by Chris | Thursday 21 February 9.55am

Quite poor that this service is still do. I realise that it is being upgraded to a much better service but in this day and age (2013) should it really take 5 days to do a upgrade and as other comments have stated why wasnt a Plan B prepared for a worse case scenario? What are the staff at the box office doing since they cant sell tickets ?

posted by Lorraine | Thursday 21 February 9.33am

Come on its bad enough we cant book tickets but where is the info on when this will be resolved! I want to buy tickets for bday present and i cant even find out if any are even available! Shoddy service. Someones head shld b on the block for this!!

posted by Patricia Doherty | Thursday 21 February 9.17am

This is pathetic. I am seriously pissed of about your system being down for so long.
Last time I was at HMT we saw Starlight Express. I paid for 'good' seats in the stalls and two of us had our view restricted by the side of the stage. Our tickets were just as expensive as the other 4 tickets. I complained and HMT didn't even have the manners to acknowledge the letter.
There are other cities in Scotland to see these shows in. You'll be losing business.

posted by linda | Thursday 21 February 9.08am

Oil capital of Europe what a joke can't even book tickets for a show cause of technical fault,totally pathetic

posted by Faine | Thursday 21 February 8.39am

Must admit very disappointed that the system is still not up and running as of 0830 this morning. Would have assumed that a contingency plan would be in operation to allow people to purchase tickets. I hope the performers give Aberdeen another chance and are not put off by poor ticket sales due to this

posted by DK | Wednesday 20 February 10.34pm

This is quite possibly the worst thing that has ever happened in the entire history of the world! Without a word of exaggeration, I have never been so shocked and horrified by a minor inconvenience caused by an outage of a computer system.

Perhaps if you had planned this upgrade better, you would have sensed that I was about to order some tickets and sent someone round to my house to hand deliver them on a silver platter!

Either that or I could have ordered them when they became available to order months ago or when you sent me an email informing me of the outage in advance!

posted by AliS | Wednesday 20 February 10.28pm

This is unbelievable! What sort of organisation completely shuts down for an upgrade.....hope they are offering compensation to the performers affected by this amazing inefficiency.

posted by Alison Lynch | Wednesday 20 February 9.47pm

I couldn't agree more with the comments already posted. I too think this is utterly pathetic and totally unneccesary in this day and age! As a family we just had to take the heartbreaking decision to have our lovely pussycat euthanased after him being one of our family for 10 years. My 20-year-old daughter is bereft at losing her special friend. As a wee pick-me-up I had hoped to book tickets for us to see Cats. Went online to Box Office evening of Mon 18th Feb to be advised that Box Office temporarily closed until lunchtime Wed 20th Feb. It is now 9:45pm and the Box office is still closed!! How much upgrading does this system need? I'm so glad I didn't waste my money renewing my APA Friends Membership this year. Very disappointed.

posted by Suzanne Cowie | Wednesday 20 February 8.27pm

I have never known a business to completely shut down for an upgrade, surely there should be some alternative system in place. I have been waiting patiently to purchase tickets for Saturday and feel very sorry for the performances on this week who's ticket sales will undoubtedly be affected. Very disappointing service.

posted by C Golfer | Wednesday 20 February 7.08pm

Pathetic. Reeks of amateurism and corners cut. Will the 'booking fee' be waived for those waiting to purchase tickets? I won't hold my breath.

posted by Hazel | Wednesday 20 February 6.15pm

I totally agree with Anne's and the others' comments. There should be no need to completely shut everything down for upgrade. Normally in any system upgrades, everything is just ready to "go live" at a certain time! There should be a temporary fix in place, or one should at least be able to book on the phone.

posted by anne macewen | Wednesday 20 February 5.55pm

Been waiting since saturday to make a booking. In this day and age this is just ridiculous! What sort of joke company are you using for your booking system? Pathetic¡

posted by Jill Kinnear | Wednesday 20 February 3.38pm

I have waited patiently until today to book tickets for Joseph. I was delighted that your new upgrade would be available at lunchtime ( 8 pm here as I live in Indonesia ) as its my mother's birthday today and it was going to be a surprise for her. As it is your new website is not ready, my mother is at home thinking I have not gifted her anything for her birthday and it is now 11.36 pm and I need to go to bed. Well done with ruining my and I'm sure many oher's plans. I appreciate upgrades I do not appreciate delays.

posted by David Stead | Wednesday 20 February 2.59pm

This is simply not good enough. Is anyone going to take responsibility for this mess? A temporary manual booking system should have been put in place to enable people to buy tickets in person at the booking office.

posted by Aberdeen Performing Arts | Wednesday 20 February 2.51pm

The re-opening of Aberdeen Box Office has been delayed due to a technical hitch in the installation of a new and improved booking service. It will re-open for business as soon as possible.

The service closed down at 8pm on Saturday to carry out the switch-over in the ticketing systems and while closed, it is not possible to buy tickets from the agency online, by phone or in person at the Music Hall, His Majesty’s Theatre or The Lemon Tree.

posted by Natalia Ring | Wednesday 20 February 2.44pm

I can only agree! I am trying to book a ticket for THIS saturday and it is absolutely unpossible! even by a phone! so I suppose the artist should not be surprised if they will see half empty hall!

posted by Simon Reekie | Wednesday 20 February 2.29pm

How can the box office be closed when performances are happening currently, let alone for future performances? Should you not have had alternative cover. It is even worse that the phone line is also closed. And I note that your news item that said the box office would reopen at lunchtime today (I was waiting) has been replaced by this item saying it is closed indefinitely and for customers to keep checking back to see if it has re opened!!! It is idiocy that you are unable to sell tickets.

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