Dance class for those with Parkinson’s hailed a success

Dance class for those with Parkinson’s hailed a success

Aberdeen’s first ever Dance for Parkinson’s session was held earlier this week at His Majesty’s Theatre.

The workshop, which was made possible through a new initiative led by Scottish Ballet and Dance Base, was co-hosted by local group Citymoves, was attended by around 20 people and was accompanied by music from a live pianist.

The session was the first of its kind in the city, and organisers now hope to make it a regular event, in line with existing Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland classes already being run by Scottish Ballet in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The initiative is focused on enabling those people living with Parkinson’s to experience the benefits of dance, to improve confidence, mental wellbeing and fluidity of movement. The classes are run in a warm and informal manner and participants are welcome to bring a partner or friend to accompany. The classes also include activities focused on problem solving, improvisation, vocal skills, and repetition from memory and multi-tasking, which are all key areas for people with Parkinson's.

Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) will now join forces with Scottish Ballet, Dance Base and Citymoves in a bid to secure funding for a regular Dance for Parkinson’s session.

APA’s creative learning manager Lisa said: “We were so pleased to see our first taster workshop so well attended and everyone really enjoyed it. The session was very relaxed and welcoming, with some people bringing their partners for support. This is a critical element of the class, and participants shouldn’t feel they have to come alone. The moves are all very gentle and are done from a sitting-down position, so there’s no stress on the body.

“The taster session was a collaborative effort between Scottish Ballet, Citymoves and APA. We would like these classes to become a regular fixture on the calendar and will now endeavour to secure funding to make that happen.”

Posted on Friday 10 March

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