Did you watch Strictly Come Dancing?

Did you watch Strictly Come Dancing?

Everyone’s talking about Strictly Come Dancing last night and the breath-taking tango performed by Vincent and Flavia. This amazing couple have really made the dance their own and every year their sensational routines have become one of the highlights of the entire series and at the weekend, they did it again.

You can see them perform live at His Majesty’s Theatre next year in their own fantastic show – Midnight Tango.  Set in a late night bar in downtown Buenos Aires, featuring some of the finest Tango dancers in the world and live music, Midnight Tango, takes you on a journey into a heart of this intoxicating city. As danger and excitement, joy and jealousy, pain and passion all combine – this is a spectacular and explosive evening not to be missed! Book your tickets now!

Posted on Monday 24 October

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posted by Henrik Jensen | Thursday 17 May 2.41pm

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