Historic figures inspire new corporate sponsorship campaign for Aberdeen’s Music Hall

Historic figures inspire new corporate sponsorship campaign for Aberdeen’s Music Hall

Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) is delighted to announce the launch of a new corporate sponsorship campaign in support of the Music Hall Transformation. The scheme has been kicked off with donations totalling £10,000 from Aberdeen Standard Investments and BP.

APA, the charitable trust behind the Music Hall renovation, has named the new drive the 1822 Club – after the year the Music Hall first opened. Sponsorship packages range from £1,000 to £15,000 and each takes its name from a historic figure associated with the Music Hall.


APA Chief Executive Jane Spiers said: “The Music Hall has been at the beating heart of cultural and community life in Aberdeen for nearly two centuries and has a rich history spanning generations. In 1820, the foundation stone for what would become the Music Hall was laid by architect Archibald Simpson, and two years later, in 1822, the building was opened to the public.

“Over the years the Music Hall has welcomed many a famous face to its stage, but there is a handful of historic figures who have played an integral part in shaping the building and adding to the story it tells today. We have affectionately named our new sponsorship packages after these influential characters and we hope local businesses will join us in celebrating the wonderful history and promising future of the Music Hall.”

Aberdeen Standard Investments is keen to show its support for the venue’s transformation, as the Head of Charitable Giving, Claire Drummond, explains: “We are very proud to be associated with the refurbishment of this iconic building and the exciting developments it will bring for the local community. One of the core focuses of our charitable donations is to support local community projects in which our employees live and work and a great way of doing this is to support the much needed transformation of an iconic building in Aberdeen – the Music Hall.”

Tim Smith, BP North Sea Vice President Communications and External Affairs, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Music Hall transformation and help launch its new corporate sponsorship campaign. BP has a long and proud history supporting arts and culture in the north-east of Scotland. Through the BP Big Screen events, BP Portrait Awards and our support of the annual Robert Gordon University Gray’s School of Art Degree Show we are helping to nurture local talent and attract world-class art and performances to the city. The Music Hall transformation will be a great addition to our cultural landscape.”

The Music Hall began its life as the County Assembly Rooms, designed by renowned architect Archibald Simpson, who is the namesake of the tier one sponsorship package – the Simpson Supporter, worth £15,000. Each tier of sponsorship is named after a prominent figure in the venue’s history, with an £11,500 Matthews Supporter package, the Mary Garden Supporter at £5,000, the Strachan Supporter at £3,000 and the Prince Albert Supporter coming in at £1,000.

APA Corporate Sponsor & Donor Campaign Manager Debbie Mackenzie said: “The transformation is the most comprehensive work carried out in the Music Hall’s history and is set to re-establish this iconic venue as a bustling, dynamic focal point for the local community and visitors to the region. New facilities for creative learning activities and corporate events, plus greatly improved accessibility, combined with a more comprehensive and diverse programme of performances mean there will be something for everyone at the new Music Hall.

“By becoming a member of the 1822 Club, local businesses will be helping APA to renovate and re-imagine the Music Hall for the next generation of artists and audiences – as well as supporting a flagship city centre regeneration project. We have designed the Club to appeal to companies of all sizes, so even relatively small organisations can get involved in our exciting journey.”

To register interest and to receive more details about the 1822 Club, companies should email debbie.mackenzie@aberdeenperformingarts.com or call (01224) 337672. The sponsorship scheme is open for interest now, and APA will also be holding a lunchtime event on Thursday, April 26 at His Majesty’s Theatre to provide information on the transformation and 1822 Club opportunities.

The multi-million pound Music Hall Transformation, which is spearheaded by APA, is on track for completion before the end of this year. To date 78% of the £8.7m fundraising target has been met. Work to expand the basement has been completed, freeing up space on the ground floor for a new studio, café and bar and improved circulation.

Top level 1822 Club sponsorships will reward sponsors with complimentary passes to the Music Hall re-opening celebrations, tickets to new season events when the hall opens its doors, and a hard hat tour of the venue as the transformative works near completion. Other benefits include personalised engraving on a new seat in the auditorium and free hire of the new Performance Studio, Round Room or Creative Learning Studio. Sponsors will also be thanked with logo recognition in digital and print format as well as on the APA website, while middle and top-level tiers will have their logo displayed on a specially commissioned donor wall within the venue.

For more information on Corporate Sponsorship please click here.

Posted on Thursday 15 March

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