Local author talks about new book

Local author talks about new book

Stuart MacBride is the author of several bestselling novels featuring DS Logan McRae, including SHATTER THE BONES, which reached No. 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller list.  Famed for setting his crime thrillers in Aberdeen, you have the chance to hear Stuart talk about his next book, BIRTHDAYS FOR THE DEAD, in a scintillating night at the Lemon Tree. But what is the new book about...

The tabloids call him The Birthday Boy. He’s been snatching girls for years, always in the run-up to their thirteenth birthday. The girl’s families then receive his homemade cards on the victim’s birthday every year: all have a Polaroid picture stuck to the front, showing their child gagged, bound and terrified. Each one is worse than the last, documenting the horrific torture she endures until her death. But while the cards lay bare The Birthday Boy’s crimes, they fail to contain any evidence, and nor have any bodies been discovered. He is still out there. And his sadism is getting more and more extreme.

Detective Constable Ash Henderson is heading the investigation, and is understandably haunted by each new disappearance. But he also has a dark secret which compels him beyond the call of duty: five years ago his daughter, Rebecca, went missing on the eve of her thirteenth birthday. A year later the first card arrived...

Posted on Tuesday 22 November

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