Music Hall newsletter July

Music Hall newsletter July

As we countdown to the Music Hall reopening here is our latest Music Hall Newsletter.

This Newsletter looks at some of the history of the Music Hall, our Music Hall Ambassadors and a Take a Seat  My Story from Fiona Kennedy

Music Hall In The Know July 2018

Posted on Thursday 09 August

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It is great information for all music fans. The festival artists and local talent will also be taking place across the city center, including a pop up stage in the atrium. We are delighted to announce Documents for GST
that our friends will be joining in the fun. The performances across the city from both festival artists and the wealth of the amazing local talents this city boasts. The festival will also inspire the next generation of music fans and musicians with workshop, panel discussions and the incomparable. We can't wait for the weekend now and look forword to welcoming music lovers from far and wide to the city.

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