New act but Same Faces at The Lemon Tree

New act but Same Faces at The Lemon Tree

New Aberdeen alternative rock band Same Faces are to launch their first EP with a debut performance at the city’s Lemon Tree Lounge on Saturday, May 5.

The four rock desperados - vocalist Charlie Munro, guitarist Gordon Leith, bass player Neil McDonald and drummer Scott Reid – formed the group earlier this year on the back of the local success of Rock Covers band ByhookorbyKrook who amassed a good following in the Aberdeen circuit.

“Charlie, Gordon and Neil had been writing and playing their own material for some time and when I heard it I absolutely loved it,” said Scott. “So we decided to start working on them as a band and have come up with some really powerful classic/heavy rock songs.

“As a band we feel the music scene at the moment is full of pop and folk rock so we really felt that Same faces could offer something far heavier, with powerful melodies and catchy riffs, more in the genre of bands that we were all majorly influenced by.

” The foursome exude a great camaraderie and clearly have fun when they gig, having played so long together as a covers band.

“The band name was derived from the fact that although we are the same faces from cover band Byhookorbykrook, it is in fact a totally different band,” added Scott.

Tickets for Saturday, May 5, go on sale on Monday (November 28) online at, by phone at 01224 641122 and at Aberdeen Box Office at the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre.

And at the gig, Same Faces will release their debut EP, In it for the Money, recorded by Iain McPherson at Bedford Records, to kickstart their recording career in 2012.

Posted on Wednesday 07 December

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posted by Liam Gar | Tuesday 22 May 4.01pm

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